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Senior Class List 1950
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The Closest Thing To Being Home

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Bailey, Bessie Bartram, Richard* Bodie, Richard
Boso, Beverly Braden, Mabel Cataldo, Mary
Channels, John Lawrence Clark, Norman* Close, Mary*
Congo, Gladys Cornwell, Jr, George DaLonzo, Frank
Davis, Richard DeSenze, Angeline Donaldson, Charles Robert
Dotson, Roger Downard, Ernest Dumoulin, Camilla
Farance, June Evelyn Foley, Dolores Fraser, Grace Elizabeth*
Frontone, Mary Fusco, Ralph* Gibas, Mary
Giles, Phyllis Giordano, Geraldine Grindle, Loretta*
Gualtier, John "Bunk" * Gullace, Stella Harkins, Marjorie*
Harris, Clarence Hayes, Vaughn Heaton, Ronald
Henry, John Henthorn, Ruby Hitt, Daniel*
Hughes, Katharyn Hulmes, Greta Hulmes, Vaneta
Hunter, Tom Ice, Ronald* Imburgia, Vincent
Jackson, Mary Jackson, William* Jarvis, Harry Glen
Jenkins, Julia Johnston, Marilyn Kevan, Doris
Kindle, Betty* Krotzer, Jr, S. Neill Lawton, Margie
Lucas, Juanita Lyles, Gladys Lysle, Marian
Mason, Margaret Maylone, Albert* McBane, Ellis Hugh
McIntire, Alice McLain, Ronald McMahon, Ronald
Meister, Dorothy Louise * Mellott, Ralph Mick, Paul
Miller, Janet Monte, Stephen* Montgomery, Kenneth
Moore, Clyde Newlen, Arthur* Nixon, Marian
Nixon, Joyce Patterson, Mary Sue Pepe, Antoinette
Porter, Henry Joseph* Rivelle, Frank * Rose, Carolyn
Russell, Rolland* Ryder, Norman Sabbato, Marlyn
Sgro, Dominic Smith, Doris Smith, Laura
Smith, Mildred Soldano, Joseph Spriggs, Charles
Terry, Kathryn Thompson, Barbara Thorton, William
Trainer, Rose Travis, Barbara Vaughn, Jr, Charles
Walker, Maurice Watkins, Norman* Whitaker, Marian
Wilkinson, Jr, John Zearley, Dora Daniels, Perry
Don Jackson, Don Erwin, Joe Finnie, Earl*
Griffiths, Virginia Jackson, Don Jenkins, Ruby
Kindle, Charles McCaleb, JoAnne (Brooks) * Merical, John
Smith, Clyde Joseph M. Erwin * Esther Russell (Clark) *
Ronald R. McLain *    

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