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Senior Class List 1951
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The Closest Thing To Being Home

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Abrams, Glenn Adney, Carl Richard * Amato, Margaret
Arguragi, Josephine* Bingham, Elsie* Broadbent, Mary Helen
Brophy, Kenneth Brophy, Robert* Brown, Pauline
Campbell, Joan Cipolloni, Betty Ann* Clark, Donna
Connor, Thomas J. *
Conrad, William* Copestick, Mae
Crawford, Barbara Crews, James Culp, Beverly
Daddario, Mary Davidson, Deloris* Donnelly, Norma (Brenneman) *
Fickes, Harold Flynn, Raymond * Fraser, Frederick
Fraser, Phyllis* Frontone, John Fulton, Marilyn Sue
Gibson, Mina Gleckler, Jean Green, Ronald
Grindle, Bertha Hall, Patricia Hall, Shirley
Hamilton, Mary Helen* Hartford, Pauline Headley, Paul
Henthorne, Pearl Hepp, Donald* Hoover, Verna
Householder, Raymond Howell, Fannie Hurd, Herman Carl *
Jarvis, William Jebens, Donald Johnson, Sadie
Kiddey, William LaScola, Joseph Lanam, Frederick L. *
Long, Kenneth Maple, Robert McAdoo, Kenneth
McDevitt, Richard McIntosh, Neva McVeigh, Grace
Michaels, Alberta Monte, John Pasquale, Chester *
Peters, Charles Peterson, Barbara Phillips, William
Phillips, Carolyn Pucci, Rose Mary Pugliano, Angeline
Randall, Beverly Reynolds, Donald Rowley, Francis
Ryan, Donald * Santimarino, Delores Sapanaro, Charles *
Satow, Edwin* Shepherd, Lewis* Shultz, Thomas
Sulkoske, Richard Taggart, Robbie Taylor, Jack
Thompkins, William Thompson, Eleanor Vallera, Frances
Ward, Mary Watkins, Robert Whitaker, Donna
Whittington, D. Louise Wilson, Edwin* Woodward, Glenn
Woodward, Doris* Wright, Stephanie* Young, Judith *
Zacharias, Mary* Zipperian, Diana Zoellars, Barbara
Brown, Ella Duke, Robert Russell, Esther (Clark) *
Stewart, Thelma (Scott) Williamson, Howard Vallera, Frances *
Elsie Dingham Eaton Darlene Andrews (Eckles) * Mayes, Jack D.
    Stewart, Thelma (Scott)

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